Keylane activities: something for everyone

Our Keylane activities are one of the many ways we bond together, and we know that a happy work environment is about more than free snacks and foosball tables (but yes, we have those too!).

Several elements have to come together to create a feeling of well-being in the workplace, and each of us has different needs, tastes and expectations. Some Keylaners are extroverts, some are introverts, and many of us fall somewhere in-between.

Below you will find an overview of just some of the Keylane activities we enjoy together.

Keylane yoga night

Keylane activities for the energetic ones

If you’re the sporty, “my body is a temple” type, you’ll find plenty of like-minded Keylaners. We have hockey players who regularly play in Utrecht against local company teams, and not only do they win more often than they lose, but they’re also looking for eager new Keylaners to join them.

Hockey not your thing? We participate in plenty of other Keylane activities. How about a marathon or a bike ride? We have no shortage of enthusiastic runners and cyclists, and on occasion we team up with our customers for epic bike rides that end in celebratory cold drinks.

Perhaps a bit of SaaSisfaction on the slopes? At least once per year we put on our skis and jumpsuits and take to the Austrian slopes or the indoor slopes for some next-level Keylane activity fun.

And for mind, body and soul we have more mediative Keylane activities, such as yoga sessions once a week at our Copenhagen and Rotterdam offices.

Whether mastering the Downward-Facing Dog or practicing your Cobra Pose, get flexible and cut some Yoga moves with us.

For the social ones

We built a bar (BaaS: Bar as a Service) inside our Utrecht office so Keylaners have a place to unwind together during the evenings. Thursdays and Fridays are usually bar evenings, and all Keylaners are welcome. Yes, the beers are free!

Likewise, our Copenhagen office has beer Fridays along with wine tastings… and gin tastings, vodka tastings, rum tastings… basically they like tasting all the drinks. Suffice to say, these are popular Keylane activities (we wonder why?!).

Keylaners play foosball

For the extreme ones

Some of our Keylane activities are more extreme than others. For example, our Copenhagen Keylaners enjoy early morning canal swims (they’re not insane, just built differently) followed by a traditional Danish breakfast.

If nothing else, it’s guaranteed to get your blood flowing.

Copenhagen Keylaners enjoy a morning dip in the canal

Keylane activities for the cerebral ones

If running around and swimming in freezing water doesn’t sound like an appealing Keylane activity, why not put your powers of deduction to the test or impress us with your culinary creations and join other Keylaners online for murder mystery nights or live cooking classes? And if you like board and card games, we’d love to challenge you to a round of Exploding Kittens.

Game night in Copenhagen

Keylane activities for the seasonal ones

Keylane activities such as our Ugly holiday card and sweater competitions are a riot. Put on your worst holiday sweater and grab that 15-year-old pasta from the back of your cupboard. Now, stick a whole bunch of glitter and whatever else you can glue to it, and BAM! That is one ugly card. Congratulations! These competitions reward Keylaners ugliest displays with pretty prizes.

And of course, we host winter and summer parties and other Keylane activities throughout the year.

Announcing the ugly sweater competition

Come join us and create your own Keylane activities

If you’re interested in joining Keylane, we’d love to hear from you. We have an open, diverse and inclusive culture, and we aspire to make Keylane not just a good place to work, but a great place to work. So why not join us and create your own Keylane activities?

Check out our career page and find your dream job today or drop one of our recruiters a message.

For more information about Keylane, our customers and business partners, visit our corporate site.