People Stories: Renzo

Junior Software Engineer

Born in Argentina, Junior Software Engineer Renzo got the itch to travel at a young age and hasn’t looked back since.

Why did you join Keylane as a Junior Software Engineer?

At the beginning I didn’t even want to go to the interview for the Junior Software Engineer role, because normally I feel uncomfortable in interviews, but I did go and once I was there I realised the energy of the people and I felt at home. We laughed a lot and I left with a really good feeling, so I continued with the interview process and took the job as a Junior Software Engineer.

What do you hope to achieve in your career at Keylane?

Become an excellent Junior Software Engineer and get to know the pension business and become a proficient analyst.

What skills do you feel you are bringing to your new role as a Junior Software Engineer?

I have a lot of experience working in different environments, businesses and cultures, and this experience allows me to bring different points of view to many of the challenges we face every day.

What are you most excited about in joining Keylane?

Growing up, as both a professional Junior Software Engineer and as a person. I’m feeling really grateful to be part of this journey with Keylane.

What are your main interests?

I left my home country by myself for the first time when I was 19 years old. I moved to United States. That was the first time of many travels, as I realised how gratifying it was being abroad. After that I just couldn’t stop. I travel as much as I can!

On one of my previous travels I moved to Mallorca, Spain. A beautiful island, where I started sailing, which became my second favourite thing in the world.

What’s the best piece of life advice you can share with us?

Do it. Go for it, and never stop trying. Do your best. Be honest. Do one thing every day that scares you.