Keylane Academy

At Keylane, we believe it is important that you continue to develop yourself throughout your career. We feel that your career development ensures both personal and organisational growth. That is why we have the Keylane Academy with an international online platform where you can sign up for courses, workshops and social events.


At Keylane, we would like to stimulate you to follow a variety of courses and workshops. We offer more than 25 technical courses that focus on broadening your job-specific knowledge and skills, and personal skill courses that focus on your personal development. Timemanagement, presentation skills, business English, to name a few. The Keylane Academy offers different types of courses. Technical courses to improve job-specific skills, and personal skill courses to work on your soft skills. Some examples of the courses are:

Technical courses

  • Datamodelling
  • SQL Query Design
  • Linux
  • Framework
  • Database transactions
  • Many more…

Personal skill courses

  • Presentation skills
  • Timemanagement
  • Customer communication
  • Business English
  • Many more…

Learn from experts to become an expert

Broaden your horizon and meet fellow experts. During our expert talks, one of our colleagues or an expert from outside the company shares their knowledge on a specific subject. If you want to know more about blockchain, agile software development or dynamic pricing? See what our experts have to say. Oh, and there’s pizza!

Do you want to broaden your horizon by learning about topics you find interesting? Visit an expert talk where a colleague or external speaker explains about a topic of their expertise. In between we have a dinner break and afterwards there is an opportunity to discuss the talk while having a drink.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • Blockchain
  • Insurance in a new era
  • Virtual robots in the insurance industry
  • Digital collaboration
  • Agile software development
  • Lambda’s & streams
  • Automated testing

Keylane Playground: work hard, play hard

Get to know your colleagues in a social and informal setting and have fun together! Colleagues that share a passion for a certain sport, hobby or game come together to share their enthousiasm. Play squash or boardgames, take a gokart for a ride, train for the triathlon or learn how to draw stories. Plenty to choose from.

Work hard, play hard they say. So that is what we like to do too! After work, people have the chance to come together to play sports, play games, or do other activities outside of work.

Playground activities

  • Karting
  • Beer brewing
  • Bowling
  • Mindfulness
  • Squash
  • Ice skating
  • Running the marathon
  • Ultimate Keylane Dart Tournament
  • Board games