Get hired now & Start your traineeship in June 2020!

Do you have the ambition to become one of the best Full Stack, Back End or Front End Developers in The Netherlands and/or Denmark? Are you passionate about Software Development and high system-complexity? Keylane is looking for sharp-minded Developers to join our teams, who deliver essential solutions to our customers. Are you are the one we are looking for to join our Traineeship Full Stack Developer, a 10 week Trainee program which starts on 01 June 2020?

But, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together with us! This Trainee program will be a challenging journey with the unique opportunity to use your all your technical & analytical capabilities to influence and help us to shape our software product and/or future user experience. Why? We always strive for a high wow factor and pure awesomeness.

You will be a part of a growing, professional and private equity backed organisation, being part of a company where Information Technology, People, and Customer focus meet.

So, now is the time to join us and follow our Traineeship to become a Full Stack developer. This will be 10 weeks of intensive trainings at our office in Utrecht, the Netherlands and a 3-day trip for trainings (& some fun too) in Denmark, at our office in Copenhagen. After this traineeship you are totally equipped to become a committed expert and start your career as a Full Stack, Back End or Front End Developer.

Full Traineeship overview


(almost) Finished your University or already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (IT or Bèta) & want to start your career as a Full Stack Developer & are you up for a high impact program with deep dive trainings for 10 weeks & do you want to work in an International software organisation & certify for at least 3 certificates in your first year? Then we have a unique, life changing opportunity for you!

after this traineeship you can work in The netherlands or denmark 




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O Start 01 June 2020
O Indefinite contract, from scratch
O International Trainee program of 10 weeks in Rotterdam, The Netherlands & Copenhagen, Denmark
O Building up fundamental knowledge and contacts with our IT experts in various key teams
O Java Certified Programmer (OCA & OCP) and DASA DevOps Fundamentals
O Per official certificate a personal bonus, as a monthly salary add-on
O Profit share
O Loyalty bonus
O Personal Development
O In addition to theory, you will mainly work with practical assignments

Of course we want to team up with skilled, (future) committed experts and therefore it does not matter if you have taken the classic career path or an alternative one – as long as you possess the right skills & abilities. The most important thing is that you are motivated by what you do and that you want to fit in with Keylane’s way of working. Then, you are the ideal candidate to kick-start your career at Keylane.

O You have successfully completed your University program (Degree; Bachelor or Master) Must be in: IT or Bèta such as: Information Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Applied Computer Science
O You have 0-2 years’ work experience
O You are native English, both written and spoken, and near-native/fluent in one or more European languages with a preference for Dutch, German, Danish, Norwegian and/or Finnish
O You have great analytical skills
O You are more than familiar with the 10 basic skills necessary for Coding
O You are a team player and can perform under extreme pressure
O You are genuinely interested in working in an International environment and a Software Development & Consultancy setting
O You are eager & willing to travel (abroad) as needed
O You have a can-do mentality: you are independent, pro-active, creative, energetic, flexible, decisive, solution oriented & result driven

Yes, in one week you’ll go through your personal hiring process; a company presentation with KEY details & insights about this Full Stack Development Tech Camp and your role as a Developer after completing this program, a Coding Assignment, a pleasant informal lunch with our Development team & 2 informal interviews.

We’ll also discuss your Talent report (NeurOlympics) as part of our selection criteria and hopefully make you an offer at the end of the week to join Keylane, and to welcome you as a trainee for our International Development Tech Camp.


VIJFHART; We help IT professionals and IT end users grow with your best appropriate learning solution they perceived as an experience. This growth of their knowledge and skills they excel in their field. We make society smarter and contributing since 1984 to the digital transformation of our society. So, we become the IT trainer with the best service in the Netherlands in 2020.

Growing together in the genes of our family business. In the thirty years of our existence we have endured all storms in the sometimes-turbulent market for IT training with flying colours. In recent years we grow steadily with our customers. 2016 was another record year, but especially for Vijfhart a changing of the guard. Founder Eef Janssen gave the baton to his eldest son Bastian. The ambition remains the same: the best and largest IT trainer are from Netherlands. But that also applies to the main principle: noblesse oblige. Literally translated means “nobility required but is rather” trainership mandatory ‘for us. As a knowledge provider, we manage to increase our customers. This is a beautiful, but also responsible role. We see it as our duty to do so well and accompanied us to behave.our customers first.


SHARING – Sharing our knowledge is the most important thing we do. But we’ll keep you updated with information about market trends, new courses, experiences of other customers. And feedback we always appreciate.
CONFIDENCE – promises and commitments we meet. We want customers who are more than satisfied. We are glad of mutual trust and get energy from knowing that we help customers really.
ATTENTION – With us you are never a number. We do not work with complicated Call menu or answering machines. Personal contact is always our preference. From the first contact with your personal account to your last class at our excellent teachers. And even then you remain a member of our family . Because there is always more to learn.
GROWTH – The development of our students is our paramount. We offer the ideal conditions. The only way to grow our clients and we can do the same, so that we achieve our goals together.
FUN – Learning and studying are serious matters. But a course, training or workshop follow should be fun. Besides the pleasure with which we do our work means to us that we offer you a pleasant experience. Welcoming, personal and informal.


Ready to contribute to some complex software solutions? For the insurance and pension industry we build high-quality industry-leading solutions. Our platforms support and process significant data volumes and heavy server load.

We are passionate about building complex software with a great team, improving the customer experience for thousands of people who use our products every day. Our Product Development teams process complex clients requirements into our core platforms. You will design, code, test, and implement software from technical documentation and requirements. Code and execute unit tests, perform design and code reviews. Oh and of course we work Agile.

Be Yourself at Keylane

We are not a company with masks and uniforms. We prefer that people are themselves. That is why we have agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it. That is why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent, and we work hard to support them in both professional and personal health and development.

But we also know it is a fast-paced and rough industry. So we take good care of our own. So, just be yourself.

Go-getters and goalgetters

If you want to score, you need a goal. At Keylane, we want to be the best at what we do! That is why we constantly develop our competencies, learning journeys and create new solutions for our customers. This is the only way you can stay ahead of the industry and our customers’ needs. At Keylane we challenge each other again and again and again in everything we do. If you are not afraid of challenging others, and being challenged yourself: choose Keylane.

Connect & Engage

More job-related information or questions, or just want to have a quick chat before applying? Contact Team Talent Acquisition via or call: +31(0)88 404 5000.

We’re always ready for a quick chat. However, if you are in a hurry, you’re welcome to leave any question you may have in our mailbox.


At Keylane we are always looking for brilliant minds to fill some of the most challenging jobs within Software Development, Software Testing, Business Consultancy and Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Actuary, Project Management and Management in general.

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