At Keylane we have many opportunities for newly graduated students or students who are still in the process of finishing their higher education.

No matter if you are already graduated or if you are still busy studying, we like to meet you at Keylane! You can join our inhouse days or we can schedule an informal interview for you with one of our colleagues. It is also possible to gain working experience as a software engineer support employee. For more information click here or take a look at the vacancy.

After graduation you can directly start as a software engineer, consultant, tester or at one of our Staff departments. With the guidance of your colleagues and supported by a number of courses you will soon be fully up and running.


Inhouse days

Would you like to experience first-hand what the life of a Keylane employee is like? Come and see for yourself on our inhouseday!

Four times a year we organise inhousedays for students in their last years before graduating. We offer a glimpse of our organisation to the most ambitious students who are orientating in the job market. 

We organise two inhousedays for the position of consultant and two inhousedays for the position of software engineer.

Keylane consultant

Together with a team of four you will be put to work immediately. There is no time to spare; the client is waiting. You have to finish a functional design for an insurance product by the end of the work day. The winning team will be sent home with a great prize!The function design phase is the phase in the project when functionality for the new system is worked out in full detail. By the end of the day every team presents their functional designs to the ‘client’.

Keylane software engineer

Your team has been asked to integrate the Google Maps API in the order process of a webshop. You unleash your creativity and come up with an innovative solution that surprises your client. Do you have the best solution? If so, you and your teammate are in the running for a prize! Take your chance to experience what you could be doing as a software engineer at Keylane. You will be coached by our experienced developers during this day where everything is taken care off. Lunch and drinks included.

For who?

Who are we inviting? Students who are currently in the end phase of their studies, such as Computing Science, Business Information, Physics, etc. are welcome to apply for our inhouse day.

Make sure you apply in time, because there are limited seats available! We have 12 spots for the Consultant inhouse day 8 spots for the Software Engineers inhouse day.