Our Business Consultants

Future-proof fintech solutions

We operate in a hectic world. Every day, financial institutions strive to increase effectivity and save time, while constantly improving customer services and adapting to the ever changing regulatory demands.

It is Keylane’s mission to empower the insurance and pension industry to change through technology. We offer our clients solutions that make their business processes simple, easy and fast. And so that the can offer their customers better and more accurate information on insurance and pension products.

The reason why our business consultants stand out from the competition is our way of solving the business headaches of the financial sector. We always have mixed teams consisting of industry experts who know and understand the pains and day-to-day lives of our clients and IT and math experts, who excel in building extremely complicated calculation engines, coding a diverse Back-End and designing simple and user friendly Front-End.






anne katrine

Anne Katrine


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