Just ordinary people.  

We’re not a company with masks and uniforms. We prefer that people are themselves. That’s why we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy. But don’t worry: Happy doesn’t mean hippie. Instead, our office is more like an ambitious innovation workshop, where we create extraordinary results for our customers (and have fun doing it…) But we also know it is a fast-paced and rough industry. So we take good care of our own. Read for yourself....




“Coffee, somebody?”
– “Yes!”
– “Yes, please!”
– “Yes!”

At this point I know everybody’s recipe: single or double shot, ristretto or espresso. For me this means I am used to my new working place at the Danish office. Even the coffee machine has no secrets anymore! In March 2018, Sanne made a big & bold career step! She left our Keylane office in Rotterdam to continue her great work for our Danish colleagues in Copenhagen.

In a special blog series, Sanne keeps us up-to-date about her experiences. Read her first blog here.


My name is Roel and I started as a Software Engineer at Keylane within Product Development almost two years ago. I joined Keylane as a graduate and right now I am a Medior Software Engineer.


I am working daily on developing new functionalities, guiding new people, reviewing code that other people have written and making time schedules.

We work in subgroups with at least one functional designer, a number of developers and testers. The functional designer works out the wishes of the customer for a ‘request for change’, which we then build. Then it is tested by the testers. This way we keep the lines short.

When I have a question, the functional designer is sitting next to me, and if they don’t have the right answer, I can walk to someone else. And for the testers the same applies, the people who built it are always sitting close to you.


Keylane is rapidly growing, also x-borders within Europe, so a lot is happening. Therefore we have to make various links between systems that run in each specific country, for example for registering legally determined data.

Exciting things also keep on happening in the Netherlands. Legislation changes, customers constantly want new functionalities. And furthermore, we are fully engaged in the technical field of automated testing and making it possible to deliver our product more frequently to our customers.


I would like to continue to grow in my career, of course. My next step id to become a Senior Software Engineer. Then you’ll dive deep even more in our technical capabilities: Design new things, write out in broad terms how we will tackle certain things and build more technical challenging functionalities.

It seems very interesting to me to play a little more in that area, to make choices about which techniques we will use and how that will take shape. Then you are talking about the technical architect’s side.