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Vivi Husum Tøttrup

Business Analyst

I am Vivi, and I love my job as a business analyst. An important part of my job is understanding the client’s needs and challenges in order to be able to find the best solution for the client. It’s important to me to focus on details, but still be able to keep the overview in the process. When rebuilding vintage motorcycles, I also look after the tiniest details.

My Core Value

At Keylane we have three core values – Expert, Cooperative, and Eager – I relate the most to Expert. It’s important to me to focus on details, and still keep the overview in the process. In my spare time I also focus on details when I rebuild vintage motorcycles.

My Achievements

My colleagues and I have worked hard on a big implementation project for several years, the biggest ever in Keylane Denmark. Through a joint effort we are now in the accept test phase of the project and will soon go live.

My Goals

My goal is to contribute to more successful customer implementations through combining my knowledge about the client’s needs and Keylane Plexus (our core platform for Pension).