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Andreas Precht Poulsen

Software Engineer

My role is Software Engineer at Keylane, where I work to mature and extend our Plexus solution. My goal is to stay “in the know” with ever-changing technologies, and work as efficiently and quickly as possible to nurture and create exceptional insurance products. I love to run in my spare time. With a group of colleagues, I usually run before lunch, which is a great way to clear our heads and get back at the office with new energy. Recently, we started a technology project for a Dutch customer. I created a new environment for their products within a short time frame. Both the customer and I were impressed by the amount of work we could do in the limited amount of time.

My Core Value

The Keylane core value I identify with the most with is Expert, as I always aim to be the best version of myself both at work and in my spare time. I love running in my spare time, where I always try to beat my own records. At work I also try to be the best, and to always get better at what I do.

My Achievements

Recently we started a proof of technology project with a Dutch customer, where we had to prove ourselves with short deadlines. I created a new environment for the customer with their products, and both we and the customer were impressed with how much we were able to do in such a short amount of time.

My Goals

My goal is to keep being an expert, such that I can assure that we create great products and do so efficiently and fast, keeping us up with the ever-changing technology.