Our colleagues of our Staff departments are the supporting power of Keylane. We are regularly looking for new colleagues and interns for these departments. Keep an eye at our vacancies!


Our HR department is spread across our offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and is subdivided into the departments Administration & Payroll, Projects & Policies, Learning & Development and Recruitment. Every subteam has its own team lead and the whole HR department is directed by our HR manager.

We take care of our own payroll administration, set up our own development projects and courses and recruit our new colleagues ourselves. Thanks to this, our HR colleagues know exactly what is going on in the workplace and are involved with all Keylane colleagues.

ICT Operations

The IT department is responsible for the maintenance and management of all infrastructure and systems that Keylane uses to carry out projects. The department is managed by the ICT operations manager and there is close cooperation with our Hosting department and the information security officer.

Marketing & Sales

The employees of our Marketing- and Communication department ensure that (potential) clients and employees are provided with company information. Among others they organise the yearly Keylane Forward event, including expert talks, keynotes and presentations on different tech and insurance subjects. Our Sales department is responsible for generating new business. Our marketing, communication and sales employees are spread over our offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.


Keylane has offices throughout different countries of Europe and therefor you work in an international setting where as an employee of the Finance team often will be in touch with our colleagues across the border.

Because of the quick growth of the team not all processes within the team are professionalised. For an employee in the team this means that you definitely can have an impact on the team and you seriously can make a difference. ‘Motivated’, ‘driven’, ‘energetic’ and ‘pro-active’ are keywords of which we think that they match with the employees we are looking for. When you have a passion for the world of finance and your personality matches the keywords above we would love to get in contact with you.

Within the team there are several positions and for everyone there is a different grow path possible. You can grow from a clerk position in to a position of finance administrator and from there you could grow in to a position of lead within the team or department. Within the different positions we also see the difference between junior and senior and also between the teams you have possibility to go i.e. from accounting to controlling. As you can see, plenty of opportunities!

Management support

The management support department provides the management of Keylane with budget analyses and they are responsible for the management of the internal time registration system and project administration. Besides this they take care of other support systems for the project organisation within Keylane (such as findings administration and knowledge management systems).

Office management

Our office managers, office employees and facility staff ensure that guests are well received and that all kinds of things are well organised at our offices. Think of organising company parties, calendar management, booking business trips, keeping all meeting rooms representative and taking care of the lunch.