A substantial part of the revenue Keylane makes is created by the SaaS-service which Keylane offers. Because of this, the Hosting department has become an important part of Keylane. The department hosts the software which has been built by the rest of Keylane.

High responsibility, complex environments and many career options

The employees in the team are very motivated and love to work with complex environments, at the same time they know how to deal with pressure. They host high available environments which are supported 24/7.

At this moment the team is busy automating processes and where possible the newest techniques will be implemented. This last part is a challenge but challenges keep our work interesting.

Within the department there are different positions. There are technical application managers, core-IT specialists and DBA’s working in the team. Many of our employees start within Keylane as junior employee and because of good coaching they become fairly quickly medior and senior afterwards. As a senior you have the possibility to grow in to a position of (application or infrastructure) architect. If you have the ambiance to lead a team the position of team lead is a possibility. We will take a look at your career path and together we decide what is best for you.

Another interesting thing to know is that within the Hosting department there is a very intensive coaching of employees. Every employee is treaded as an individual and therefore we sit down with you to see which training/coaching is best for you and with an unlimited training budget you will have the possibility to get certificates within i.e. any Cisco, RedHat or IBM product.