As a consultant you are the link between the client and the IT. We offer different consultancy roles. Do you want to have a lot of customer contact and do you see the implementation of software at the client as a challenge? Or do you prefer to work as technically as possible and to delve into creating new products? At Keylane you can go into many directions! This can be done within different departments: Product Development, Delivery Non-Life and Life & Pension and Data Conversion.

You can extend your role by acting as a mentor to new colleagues, conducting job interviews and working with the Learning & Development department to improve our courses.

Our stories

Romy Koopsen – consultant

“People will come and see me during the day: Hey Romy, can you take a look at this? I have a bug I can’t figure out.”

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Sanne Loomans – consultant

“I’ve migrated from Keylane Rotterdam to Copenhagen. Read all about my transition in my blog!”

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Product development

Within Product Development, we are working on our generic software solution. Here we design new functionalities that are interesting for all our customers. Our Product Development department is divided into three large teams of approximately 25-35 colleagues. Each team has its own expertise in the field of claims, policy administration or financial functionality. The teams are multidisciplinary and consist of functional designers, software engineers and testers. The teams are again split up into small groups allowing our colleagues to focus on their expertise.

As functional designer within Product Development you design new functionalities in our generic software solution. Our clients often come up with a solution to their problem themselves and it is your job to find out what exactly the requirement is. You come up with a solution to the clients’ problem and write it out in a functional design. The solution must be interesting to all our clients therefore you consult a lot with your colleagues. Based on the functional design, the software engineers program the solution and the testers test the software. You can grow into a position as senior functional designer or team lead.

Delivery Non-Life and Life & Pension

Our Delivery departments consist client teams and are spread over different offices, in the Netherlands as well as international. They work directly with the customer, including the users, marketers and IT staff of the customer. There are two different types of client teams: application teams and product design teams. The application teams are responsible for the implementation of QIS to the wishes of the client. The product design teams are responsible for the design of the client’s insurance products (for example car- or home insurance).

All client team’s have four to eight members, consisting of consultants, software engineers and a team leader. Various consultancy roles exist within the teams. You can work as a functional designer, technical designer of product designer.

Growth can be achieved both in the technical- (managing consultant) and in the management area (towards team lead and project manager).

Do you like to have a lot of client contact and being the link between the customer and the technology? Do you enjoy an ad hoc environment and do you have strong communication skills? Then this is the best department for you.

Data conversion

Our Data Conversion team is located in Utrecht and is engaged in the execution of data migrations of different customers. It ensures that all data from the old system is transferred to our own system.

As a consultant you work on drafting functional documentation of the data migration and analysing the interim results. You report the progress on project management and work together with software engineers who realise the conversion software.
The team consists of consultants, software engineers, testers and a team leader.