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Build Engineer

Software Implementation • Copenhagen • Full-time

Are you passionate about development and high system-complexity? Do you enjoy building, deploying and performance optimization? Then you are probably our new Build Engineer for our DevOps-team!

Key about us

You will be part of a fun and professional cross-functional team. The DevOps team is located in house in Copenhagen. You will contribute to our team goal to empower Keylane Life & Pension teams to deliver a world-class SaaS Solution. We want to achieve this by excellent support of our exciting clients, solving issues and finding the best solutions for them. Your daily work will include improving, maintaining and troubleshooting our application, build, deploy and test jobs in cooperation with our engineers and testers. Performance optimizing our databases and looking into both our own and our client´s infrastructure will also be essential parts of this role. You will be working alongside passionate, talented and dedicated people, in an inspiring environment where both your technical and theoretical skills will be challenged on a daily basis. At Keylane, we value flexibility and diversity in our employees and their assignments. You may expect a great deal of variety in your assignments, clients and daily work.

Initially, we imagine that your tasks will include

  • Taking part in all steps of the development process from planning to deployment.
  • Developing the solution together with the customer, challenging the customer's demands during the process to define the right solution.

We work in Agile Development teams closely together with the customer. Our teams consist of Developers and other specialists across professions. At this point, we´re expanding to the Nordics and Europe, which will bring on exciting and new cross-border opportunities to interact with both colleagues and customers.

Key about you

Competences are key. But if you've taken the direct path to your goals then you are probably:

  • Understanding Agile tools and techniques.
  • Experience with SQL-servers in a production setup is a big plus!
  • Have experience with the technical ecosystem (Java, Eclipse, Git, Hibernate, Gradle, MSSQL)
  • possess a natural feel for performance and solving performance issues, analyzing logs, establishing test data for test environments, support operations and ensure stability.

Key responsibilities

Of course, we want to team up with skilled, committed experts and therefore it does not matter if you have taken the classic career path or an alternative one - as long as you possess the right abilities. The most important thing is that you are motivated by what you do and that you want to fit in with Keylane's way of working.

Professionally, you should be able to affirm that you

  • Have a master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, cand.it or equivalent.
  • Are passionate and responsible regarding your Code.
  • Look forward to joining a passionate team.
  • Understand the value of involvement and compromise.
  • Are good at sparring with your colleagues and at providing input to solutions.
  • Are willing to fight for your convictions - and for spreading the right ideas throughout the organisation.
  • Have excellent command in English.

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In short

This job offers you

A great opportunity to use all your capabilities to influence and help shape this role. You’ll be a part of a growing, private equity backed organisation. You will join a company where technology, people, and customer focus meet. But we’re not a company with masks and uniforms. We prefer that people are themselves. That’s why we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it. That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent and work hard to support them in both professional and personal development & health. We acknowledge it is a fast-paced and tough industry. So we take good care of our own. So, just be yourself.

Perks & Benefits

We will ask a lot, but we’ll offer you a lot too.
This is a career challenge in a dynamic, tech savvy organisation, wanting to grow in Europe.

That is why we offer more than just a job:

  • Develop yourself as a committed expert
  • Upgrade your skills via specific learning journey
  • Explore our Keylane Academy
  • Work from home frequently
  • Join our Playground activities
  • Attend (or host )Expert talks
Learning & Development
Within Keylane you have all types of learning opportunities. This guide inspires and shows you your learning path.

In this ever-changing world, our customers and stakeholders expect the highest quality and various competences from us. To meet their expectations, we embark together on this Keylane Journey, and while we seek to become a vision-led and value-driven organization, our purpose, values, behaviours and abilities are the key to achieve a successful transformation.

To ensure our continuous development, at Keylane we focus not only on technical capabilities, but also on enhancing personal skills and nurturing relationships that will support our strategic pillars, which make a Keylane Committed Expert.

The values of our Committed Experts serve as the foundation for your own Learning Journey.
This Learning Guide will show you how we can assist you in further developing yourself into the Keylane professional that offers added value to the organisation, our customers and to himself.

Our learning guide

Be Yourself

At Keylane, we take pride in upholding diversity and inclusion. We make a virtue of celebrating our differences. Granted – we are all similar in the sense that every single one of us is a committed expert  each in their own field of expertise. But that aside, we are all quite different – and we cherish that!

So no matter whether you are Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, a square dancer, Pokémon player, board gamer or sports fanatic, you are welcome here. The only thing we ask is that you are the best at what you do. And in Keylane’s true spirit, it is of course up to you, whether you want to define yourself as a committed expert.

Connect with me

If you have any general questions about Keylane or want to have a quick chat before applying.

Just reach out to
Linn Haugland Engelsen
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Apply now!

Right now, we need people who are passionate about change through technology. This is not as easy as it sounds, but we’ve made a great start. If you have what it takes to turn good ideas into even better solutions, we need you!

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