Junior Developer

Product Development | Copenhagen | Full-time

Are you passionate about developing advanced pension solutions? We are looking for bright minded IT Developers making their way in the world - and since things are rapidly growing at Keylane, do not waste your time, read on to see if we are the perfect match for each other.

We offer a range of SaaS based standard solutions for the European financial industry. Our innovative software solutions aim to support life & pension companies in the transformation of European financial market. Our goal is to become the European market leader within the next couple of years, and we need you on this journey!

Your Playground
At Keylane you will experience quite a few computer scientific challenges and get the opportunity to work in highly skilled development teams within product development and delivery. We need Developers with an agile approach, ambition, and a strong drive to produce the right solutions for our customers.

We expect you to challenge us, and we will do our best to challenge you. You get to work with other software professionals in an environment characterised by agile projects and high flexibility. The tasks are not stringently defined; together with your team you can always solve them in the way you believe is right. However, your tasks will among others comprise of:

  • Developing and redefining the future IT systems for the financial sector
  • Being involved in the entire development process from planning to initialisation
  • Working with the architects and the developers to create a design that matches the required solution and implement it on site, in close cooperation with stakeholders and the customer
  • Analysing several types of tasks - and carrying them out together with the team
  • Ensuring that the expected solution can be realised in the products and the final implementation
  • Acting as sparring partner for your colleagues in agile development teams of varied sizes and compositions

You are sharp-minded

You have recently graduated with a relevant computer scientific degree and you know what it takes to become among the best in your field. Alternatively, you have a few years of experience and want to sharpen your profile further by working together with great colleagues with a huge passion for software development.

Professionally, you should be able to affirm that you:

  • Have a relevant educational background as a computer scientist, engineer or similar on master level
  • Have development experience from object-oriented solutions using Java 8 (or higher)
  • Have work experience with version control, branching and code reviews using Git, BitBucket and Jira
  • Understand the basic principles of agile development, as we use relevant elements of these methods in our development process
  • Know relevant software patterns, and have a general interest in the latest trends within test and development methods as well as a good software craftmanship in general
  • Possess experience with GWT or Hibernate

Your personality

At Keylane we employ people who get things done. You need to be able to analyse problems, come up with creative solutions, make decisions and push on until you get the job done. We value social relationships within the team and across the different business units, therefore it is important for us that you are an outgoing person who likes to participate in social events with your colleagues. Besides this you:

  • Are passionate about your code quality and take responsibility
  • Are willing to fight for your convictions - and for spreading the right ideas throughout the organisation
  • Are a team player and value the input from your colleagues
  • Understand the importance of involvement and compromise related to teamwork
  • Are eager to maintain and grow your knowledge
  • Can maintain the overview while getting your hands dirty in the code

If you have any further questions regarding this job in general, please contact Practice Group Manager Allan Beck mailto:allan.beck@keylane.com


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