Senior Java Developer

Product Development | Utrecht | Full-time

Working as Java Developer within Product Development;

You face Java, JavaScript and SQL challenges head on. You know how to build a new functionality in Java and can solve any occurring bugs. You are able to write database queries and work in JavaScript seamlessly. In the meantime, you improve your programming knowledge with courses like Framework. Once you have mastered technical skills like these, you are able to analyze what is needed to build functionality on a technical level and perfectly estimate how much time this will take. If you feel like it, you are welcome to guide colleagues yourself.

Working as Java Developer within Delivery;

A wrong system setting, server configuration error, or a NullPointerException; mistakes slip in easily. You are up to the task to locate and fix the bug! Building new software is also one of your main jobs. As Junior Java Developer at Keylane, you mostly work with Java, SQL and Linux. Are you not familiar with Linux? No worries, you will learn fast as you follow our courses. This is how it went for Rico, who started his career two years ago after graduating as a mathematician. “A difficult task within this job? Not knowing where a bug is located. Solving these is like solving puzzles to me, that’s why I like it so much!”

During a job fair, Rico wrote down five IT companies he met and later sat down with Keylane at an information lunch. “The nice talk, good atmosphere at the company and the way things are arranged: Keylane turned out to be my best match. Even though I didn’t have work experience – I could only code a bit and had my Master’s degree – my experience grew quickly by following the courses and I learned a lot on the job as well.”

At Keylane we love people who get things done. You need to be able to analyze problems, come up with creative solutions, make decisions and push on until you get the job done. We value social relationships within the team and across the different business units, so it is important for us that you are an outgoing person, who likes to participate in social events with your colleagues.

Furthermore, we think it is important that you:

  • Are passionate about your code, take responsibility and always deliver a job that you can be proud of
  • Like to work in a team and value the input from your colleagues
  • Understand the importance of involvement and compromise in relation to teamwork
  • Are willing to fight for your convictions - and for spreading the right ideas throughout the organization

We ask a lot from you. But we also offer you a lot. We offer a job in a tech savvy organization that wants to conquer Europe. You are going to part of a great high energetic team that is in the middle of a big transition. You get the chance to develop as a professional, in a crucial role. Moreover, you can make impact and contribute to the further professionalization of our company.

If you have any job related questions or want to have a quick chat before applying? Just give me, Ingmar, a call via: +31(0)612011287.