Java Traineeship
to become a certified Software Engineer 

About the programme

After your Keylane onboarding the Java Traineeship begins. This means 9 weeks of deep dive knowledge trainings, enabling to get 2 certifications; Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and DASA DevOps Fundamentals.

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The hiring process

We always strive to onboard passionate, eager people with amazing talent. That is why we look beyond just your cv and really want to get to know you! “Hoping you will become one of our future committed Java experts”.

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What’s in it for me?

This Java Traineeship will be high demanding and will undoubtedly put both your technical and mental skills to the test, but it will also give you an inspiring experience that shapes you for the rest of your Software Development career. And don’t forget your indefinte contract from scratch!

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Get inspired!

Team up with Rico and 250 more Software Developers within one of the most fast-growing IT companies in Utrecht? Don’t wait, apply now and start your Software Development career via our Java Traineeship.

Get the facts

We have designed a solid Trainee Programme with deep dive trainings, but we will also personally guide you during this Java Traineeship so you can become one of the very best Developers around. For the right balance between Learning & Development we planned fun playground activities too, closing each week with a “Friday Funday”.

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This Java Traineeships starts 01 September 2020

Make sure to apply before 26 July (closing date)


The best people create the best companies. A company is only as good as the people that create it and we’re lucky to have a brilliant, diverse team of experts. Let’s talk code instead of focus on your CV. So, are you up for a coding assignment? Because whatever your role, wherever you’re based, you’ll be part of a great team, a real engineering culture that allows you to be yourself.

Codility enables us to use code assignments, code checks & assessments, testing real-life skills for all kind of engineering roles, programming languages and frameworks – at all levels of difficulty without loopholes or bias. That isn’t easy. Thankfully Codility is engineered differently. It avoids false positives and reduce false negatives and most important; Identifies top candidates quickly and fairly!

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BrainsFirst, NeurOlympicsX

We strive to onboard passionate, eager young talent. Therefore we believe talent is more than a resume. We see talent differently. We see people differently. We see potential differently.
Curious to discover your high & hidden potentials? Me too! So, let’s play the NeurOlympics braingame.

BrainsFirst is backed by 6 years of cutting edge neuroscientific research to reveal the biological building blocks of human performance.

What matters the most, is whether you are able to flourish in this job, within our own unique culture. By playing the NeurOlympics, data will tell us what makes you smart and if this kind of intelligence is what we are looking for. And most important: much better. Our valid, brain-based data leaves no space for bias, prejudices, faked answers, compound scores or vague indicators. This does justice to every talent!

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This Java Traineeship is at our headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands, at great location to start your career as a Keylane Java Developer. We love hanging out at our office, located between Utrecht Science Park and the city center. Keylane Headquarters welcomes over 350 colleagues, customers and parners every day. Our newly designed office offers a great place for all our committed experts to work, play & learn. Working at Keylane also means you’ll get your daily ”healthy” lunch for free at our Appèl café. A place where everyone can enjoy healthy and responsible. Appèl serves us lunch with a passion for fresh food, sandwiches, snacks, salads, fruit and veggies. Our Headquarters is surrounded by plenty of nature for a relaxing after lunch walk, and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

About the programme

We have designed a solid Trainee Programme with deep dive trainings, but we will also personally guide you during this Java Traineeship so you can become one of the very best Developers around. For the right balance between Learning & Development we planned fun playground activites (virtual, online or offline).

During 9 weeks you will be inspired and guided by various Keylane (IT) experts & trainers. In the meantime, you’ll prepare yourself to get certified for; Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and DASA DevOps Fundamentals.

This programme is high demanding and will undoubtedly put both your technical and mental skills to the test, but it will also give you an inspiring experience that shapes you for the rest of your development career.

Key elements

  • Start 01 September 2020
  • Indefinite contract from scratch
  • Trainee program of 9 weeks in Utrecht
  • NS Business Card
  • 24 holidays
  • Building up fundamental knowledge
  • Connect & engage with our IT experts
  • Basics Databases, SQL, Java & Insurance
  • Mainly work on practical assignments
  • Certify for OCA & DASA DevOps Fundamentals
Oracle Certified Associate
Oracle Certified Professional
DASA Devops Fundamentals
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Vijfhart IT-opleidingen

About the hiring process

We strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent, that is why we want to get to know you! Ready?

Apply – Thanks for your interest in Keylane! I will reach out to you soon!

Lets talk –  I want to talk to you because I am curious to find out who you are.

Codility –  A coding assignment – Since the best people create the best companies, you must be up for a coding assignment.

Brainsfirst “NeuroOlympics”  –  Curious to discover your high & hidden potentials? Me too! So, let’s play this cutting edge neuroscientific braingame.

1st stage – Let’s meet (virtual or at our office) and really get to know each other. We’ll also review your NeurOlympics Talent Report.

2nd stage – Let’s take a deep dive into your skills, review your Code assignment and get to know more Keyaners.

Job – I hope we can make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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What’s in it for me?

Kick start
your IT career

Meet new people
& have fun

2 certifications
OCA & DASA DevOps 

Work in an
international, growing company

Start with an indefinite employment contract from scratch

Start 01 September 2020

24 holidays

NS business card

Basics Databases, SQL

Upgrade your salary yourself

Get daily free & healthy lunches at our Appèl Café

Work from home frequently

Selection criteria

Full-time available 01 September 2020

Bachelor  or Master Bèta degree

Proven coding skills & knowledge tested via Coding Challenge

Nearly native English speaking, Dutch not necessary

Passion to become an expert in Software Development

Eager, Cooperative & Expert

Apply now!

Right now, we need young talented people who are passionate about change through Software Technology. This is not as easy as it sounds, but we’ve made a great start. If you have what it takes to turn good ideas into even better solutions, we need you!

This is us

You’ll be a part of a growing, private equity backed organisation. You will join a company where technology, people, and customer focus meet. But we’re not a company with masks and uniforms. We prefer that people are themselves. That’s why we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it.

That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent and work hard to support them in both professional and personal development & health. We acknowledge it is a fast-paced and rough industry. So we take good care of our own. So, just be yourself.

Be Yourself

At Keylane, we take pride in upholding diversity and inclusion. We make a virtue of celebrating our differences. Granted – we are all similar in the sense that every single one of us is a committed expert  each in their own field of expertise. But that aside, we are all quite different – and we cherish that! So no matter whether you are Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, a square dancer, Pokémon player, board gamer or sports fanatic, you are welcome here.

The only thing we ask is that you are the best at what you do. And in Keylane’s true spirit, it is of course up to you, whether you want to define yourself as a committed expert.

Connect with me

Minka van den Burg

Ingmar Schakelaar
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Get in touch if you have any general questions about Keylane or want to have a quick chat before applying.

Benelux, DACH & Nordics

Software & Product Development, Hosting & Core ICT

Reach out & connect with me via

General note COVID-19

On this page you can find the most recent information about our Java Traineeship. As this page was compiled with the greatest care; nevertheless, no rights may be derived from this publication. Our Java Traineeship  programme and its contents are subject to change due to circumstances. 

We will update & inform all applicants about the status of Keylane’s generic measures in relation to the continued global spread of the Corona virus. (COVID-19) when any specific, notable developments which are identified within the sphere of Keylane. They will be considered during frequent meetings of the ‘Keylane Crisis Management Team’. We follow the instructions of the relevant government(s) carefully, and adapt our internal decisions and processes accordingly. 

This page is updated regularly, based on considerations made, and decisions taken, during these daily meetings.