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Tech Talk DevOps 23Jan2020 Keylane 

In two interactive Keynote sessions both Taco Voorman and Richard Hoedeman shared their experiences in a DevOps environment. They guided us through the principles of DevOps and the way to get organisations to a state of continuous learning and experimentation.

Important ingredients in a DevOps environment are an Agile culture and an Engineering mindset. Be proactive, share feedback and develop your continuous integration and deployment pipeline. These elements and tips around tooling and how to organize your DevOps teams were included in this inspiring TechTalk.

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Keeping up with java, a Tech Talk by Sander Mak

The age of waiting three to four years for new Java releases has ended. Since the launch of Java 9, every six months a new version sees the daylight. This is why it’s more important than ever to stay up to date! Chances are high you are mostly developing with Java 8. With Oracle’s roadmap in mind, this won’t be for long. Java 11 is already up and running. So, what do we do now?

Why you cannot skip this tech meeting

During this TECHTalk we take a look at all the newly introduced features since the launch of Java 8. We first discuss Java 9’s new modular system, continue with the local-variable type inference feature (Java 10) and conclude the ‘big feature’ topic with Java 11’s HttpClient API. Besides the big features, we also cover smaller changes within the Java platform since Java 8. After this Talk, you will feel more comfortable to leave Java 8 behind!

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