It’s about ‘work-life brilliance’.
So, just be yourself 
at Keylane

Turning good ideas into even better solutions

Let’s be honest: Insurances & Pensions are most certainly not the most fascinating thing in the world to most people. But we are determined to change that. That’s why we are working on new interfaces and apps, which not only give you a 360° overview of your pensions and insurances, but also makes it simple and fun to keep track of how your pension fortune develops.

Right now, we need people who are passionate about revolutionising the way insurance and pension customers and companies around Europe are being serviced. This is not as easy as it sounds, but we’ve made a great start. If you have what it takes to turn good ideas into even better solutions, we need you!

About Keylane

Headquartered in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Keylane employs over 750 people and delivers services to over 150 insurance and pension companies across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands Antilles. We are a leading European supplier of modern, customer-centric, SaaS software to the Insurance and Pension industry

More than software

We believe software implementation is a team sport. Making Axon work for our customers, tailor it to their processes and integrate it with their systems, asks for a close cooperation. With a dedicated implementation team of experienced insurance consultants and the best practices we developed over the years, our customeres are assured of a smooth implementation of Axon.

When a new policy administration system is introduced, successful migration of  data is essential. Keylane converts all data using a proven, standardised and fully automated method. We ensure a successful outcome by testing the design the performance of the migration and conversion software before migrating the actual data. Our customers can affirm that we always live up to our promises.

Optimal chain integration


A platform for the administration and communication regarding all insurable employment conditions. 

The SaaS licence Benefits-Plaza is a platform for administering and managing insurable Employee Benefits products at various levels (insurer, adviser, and employer). The platform needs links to retrieve employee data and communicate changes. Return links communicate employers and their contract data (contract number, excess, and rates tables) back to the platform.

Employers can make employee changes in the Keylane employers’ portal. The portal usually uses a link with the employer’s salary package (part of the salary suite) for this purpose. As a result, there are no double entries, and STP (Straight-Through Processing) is used to make changes.

Besides the salary suite, Keylane also offers solutions for communicating UPA (Uniform Submission of Pension Data) reports and for validating and auditing these reports.

Axon redefines the way software works

The Insurance industry changes, so does the way we interact. Make use of 100% webbased software in a secure private cloud environment that fully integrates with our customers’ own application landscape. An ISO 27001 and ISAE3402 certified environment that is robust, scalable and secure. No need to worry about installation, configuration, performance, upgrades, maintenance or disaster recovery. We take care of it.

  • Omnichannel thanks to the service-oriented architecture
  • Contributes to optimised straight-through processing
  • A 100% digital platform that is focused on clients
  • A 360 customer view that provides critical insight
Empowering you to transform through technology

New laws, increasing regulatory pressure, growing complexity, shifting customer demands and ever-changing market needs in the life and pension industry require a flexible and future-ready policy administration solution. In addition, the consistent pressure to reduce costs only increases the need for digitalisation and straight-through processing.

As life and pension providers are always searching for a future-oriented software solution for policy administration – one that is flexible and manageable in supporting their digital transformation. Customers want a solution that enables them to meet the expectations of their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Key advantages

  • Robust, flexible and highly configurable SaaS platform
  • Optimises today’s business processes and supports you to become future-ready
  • Empowers you to transform through technology
  • Open data architecture

Our Academy

Our Academy team contributes to the growth and success of Keylane by developing passionate business thinkers. We enhance knowledge and skills with high quality, accessible blended learning programs and professional development opportunities to support our experts and customers.

Our vision is to prepare and develop our people for the role they are in and the role they aspire. Our key to success is based on our corporate core values: Expert, Cooperative and Eager.

Work-life brilliance

Our ambitions may be sky-high, but we are still quite grounded. At Keylane, we live by simple principles.

Just ordinary people

We’re not a company with masks and uniforms. We prefer that people are themselves. That’s why we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it. That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent, and we work hard to support them in both professional and personal health and development.

But we also know it is a fast-paced and rough industry. So we take good care of our own. So, just be yourself.

One for all - all for one

At Keylane, we take pride in upholding diversity and inclusion. We make a virtue of celebrating our differences. Granted – we are all similar in the sense that every single one of us is a committed expert  each in their own field of expertise. But that aside, we are all quite different – and we cherish that! So no matter whether you are Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, a square dancer, Pokémon player, board gamer or sports fanatic, you are welcome here. The only thing we ask is that you are the best at what you do. And in Keylane’s true spirit, it is of course up to you, whether you want to define yourself as a committed expert.


CARPE DIEM – A smart company creates its own  opportunities. So do the best employees. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on creating the right framework rather than a set of rules. Nobody looks over your shoulder here. Individual freedom and a strong sense of community have been the core of our impressive growth over the last 15 years. It will continue to be so for the coming 15 as well. Do you dream of achieving something great together with us? Seize the day here.

Go-getters and goalgetters

If you want to score, you need a goal. At Keylane, we want to be the best at what we do! That’s why we constantly develop our competencies, learning journeys and create new solutions for our customers. This is the only way you can stay ahead of the industry and our customers’ needs. At Keylane we challenge each other again and again and again in everything we do. If you’re not afraid of challenging others, and being challenged yourself: choose Keylane.


The combination of individual qualities provides Keylane with unique knowledge of the industry and our clients, as well as our software and its possibilities.


Everyone is more than willing to help each other and clients. Teamwork and respect are essential.


We demonstrate a strong drive to be good at what we do, to get better, grow and exceed expectations.

Our playgrounds & Expert talks

Subject matter expert events, social and fun activities where we share our hobbies, passion or interest. You can find an overview of all our events here.

Perks & benefits

Application journey

Who we are & what we believe

We have one joint goal; to become a leading European supplier of modern, customer-centric, SaaS software to the insurance and pension industry. All Keylaners work together to achieve this goal. We all work hard and overcome boundaries when taking on new projects and exploring new international territory.