A few months after my transition from Keylane Rotterdam to Copenhagen

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Sanne and the infamous coffee machine

“Coffee, somebody?” 
– “Yes!”
– “Yes, please!”
– “Yes!”
At this point I know everybody’s recipe: single or double shot, ristretto or espresso. For me that means I am used to my new working place at the Danish office. Even the coffee machine has no secrets anymore!

In March 2018, Sanne Loomans migrated from Keylane Rotterdam to Copenhagen, to continue her great work for our Danish colleagues. In this blog series, Sanne keeps us up-to-date about her experiences. Read her first blog here.

I am glad that the Danish pension system still does have secrets for me. After working in the Dutch pension market for six years, it can be hard to keep on creating innovative customer journeys. Because the Danish market was completely new for me, I got the possibility to dive into this challenge with a fresh look. A challenge I really like!

During the last few weeks we worked on a customer journey to guide the end-customer towards their retirement. The end-customer can make a lot of choices, which all affect the financial income during those last years of their life. Not only a key process for the pension industry, but also an important and tough event for the end-customer! Starting with my lack of knowledge and experience for this process was actually a great benefit. I was really able to think from a customer-centric point of view. With the help of my Danish and Dutch colleagues we nailed this customer journey!

Being part of the coffee culture, the collaboration with Danish and Dutch colleagues, working together on great projects, recognising the typical office jokes, having a great time during the social events, meeting up with prospects to show our solutions, sales opportunities which become more and more interesting, practicing my Danish at the office, invitations to boost my social life… It would not have worked out this well without the support, help and effort of all my colleagues! I think the Copenhagen office shows that Keylane’s core values not only exist on paper. After the publication of my first blog some of them were a little bit disappointed that I didn’t give the ‘I won an Oscar and I want to thank …’-speech. For those: the next round of coffee is on me.