Mental Health Matters at Keylane

Investing in a successful career should never be at the expense of your mental health and general well being. At Keylane, we believe the health of our company is directly connected to the health of our employees, and host several mental health minded events, talks, workshops and fun activities throughout the year.

Curious to know more about how Keylane promotes your mental health and well being? Read on for an overview of recent events…

An expert talk on strengthening work place safety and well being

Everyone deserves to work in an environment of equality and respect that actively protects their psychological safety and mental health, and no one should ever be treated detrimentally because of their gender, race or background. So how do we reinforce this message of equality within Keylane and promote your well being?

More recently, we invited author, coach and keynote speaker Alexander den Heijer to share an inspiring presentation with us. Alexander stimulated a lot of thought and reflection with his profound story about the connection between a safe workplace and team performance, innovation, creativity, resilience and learning.

When it comes to mental health, it’s okay to not be okay

In this interactive and insightful presentation, Kerstin Plehwe invited Keylaners to look at good mental health and well being strategies from new and thoughtful perspectives. And the core takeaway from this excellent presentation?

”It’s okay not to be okay”. It’s important to know that we take this message to heart, and want to help all Keylaners feel “okay” again.

Keylane’s ON/OFF focus quiz

Our modern world is brimming with distracting and draining stimuli that wear down our mental health and well being, slowing our productivity and leaving us feeling unfulfilled and exhausted by the day’s end. Keylane’s Academy Focus Quiz helps us to learn strategies to resist and ignore distracting stimuli while better maintaining our focus, mental health and clarity. And to further support this initiative, Keylane will launch new training sessions via the Focus Academy, which will be available to all Keylaners.

Sleep workshops

If you’re an easy sleeper, you may take for granted the mental health benefits and general sense of well being you get from consistently good sleep. If you’re not a good sleeper, or other issues are disrupting your sleep cycles and patterns, you know very well just how distressing the mental health effects are. In an effort to help Keylaners who may be silently suffering from disrupted sleep cycles, we organise sleep workshops to support their journey back to a better night’s sleep.

Discover your future career at Keylane

Are you interested in continuing your career in an open, relaxed environment that values your mental health and well being? At Keylane, your growth is our growth, and that’s why we support your development to help you unlock your full career potential and be the best you can be for yourself, our customers and our business partners.

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