Holi Celebration: Keylane Welcomes the Arrival of Spring

Dutch winters can be a little too grey, so we were more than excited to celebrate the arrival of spring with Holi, the Hindu festival of Colours, Love and Spring!

What is the Holi festival?

Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated throughout the world by Hindus and non-Hindus alike. An opportunity for people of all different backgrounds to come together and celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring together.

And no Holi festival would be complete without a generous amount of coloured powder!

A group of Keylaners stand for a photo to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi

A Festival of Forgiveness, Reconciliation and the Expression of Joy

The Holi festival not only signifies the arrival of Spring, but also a chance to embrace the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation through joyful celebration.

As the cold and the dark of winter gives way to the warmth and light of Spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to let go of ill will and embrace a brighter season for all.

Check out a video of Keylaners celebrating the Holi festival below:

The Holi Festival Inspires Cultural Harmony

The joy of Holi is not only found in its vibrant colours, but also in its openness. Everyone is welcome to celebrate the festival of Holi!

At Keylane, we strongly believe in fostering a culture that is open for everyone, where different ideas, perspectives and experiences can be shared to not only enrich Keylane culture, but to inspire each and every one of us in both work and our personal lives.

Keylane in colour

Another great thing about the Holi festival? The vibrant powdered colours compliment our signature Keylane orange, turning our already bright and vibrant Utrecht office into a kaleidoscope of vibrancy!

In fact, we might just hold on to some of the coloured powered, in case of a rainy day!

A group of Keylaners stand for a photo to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi

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