People Stories: Elizaveta

Software Engineer

Whether building plugins or writing customer specific scripts for Axon customers as a Software Engineer, Elizaveta takes pride in delivering meaningful customer solutions (and showing her friends the awesome results at parties).

When not building cool stuff for Keylane customers, you’re likely find Elizaveta training for a marathon or buried in a must-read book.



My full name is Elizaveta, but everyone calls me Eli. I’m from Finland and I’ve worked at Keylane for a little over two years now in the role of a Software Engineer. I work in the delivery department, which means I implement Axon for our customers. Building, for example, plugins or contributing by writing certain scripts that are customer specific.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I think what I enjoy most about my role as a software engineer for Keylane is that every day there is a new puzzle for me tackle. It really keeps you on your feet, it keeps you interested and you really enjoy what you are doing. Additionally, I find it really nice to work with other people and to be learning. At Keylane I’m really learning something new every day. Something small or something big, and I really notice that when I look back a couple of months.

Can you tell us a bit about your hobbies?

Well, I have a lot of energy, so to keep myself energised outside of work I have multiple hobbies. I’m in a book club so I read a book about once a month and discuss with my friends. That really keeps me involved, learning about new books, new things, complicated themes. As well as that, I’m running currently, training for a half marathon which I’ll be running in May, and also with Keylane, I’ll be running a quarter marathon in April in Rotterdam. So that’s really nice – it keeps your brain oxidised!

How does your role at Keylane help deliver customer solutions?

It’s a great question, and of course I want to see the results of my work. I’m responsible for generating documents that our customers send out to their customers. Think invoices, or policy schedules and insurances. So there I really see the result of my work because I am insured at a company and once in awhile I get an email or a letter from them and I say “Hey, I recognize this! I built this myself!” That gives you a little bit of pride – and you can tell your friends at parties that you built something. Which is really nice!

Why would you recommend Keylane to potential applicants?

Why wouldn’t I recommend Keylane to potential applicants! It’s really fun, my colleagues are amazing, the product is interesting, and insurance is something you see around yourself every day. And you have so many growth opportunities at Keylane.

So why not? Apply!

I’m really learning something new every day

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