Pub Quiz: Keylane Playground

Every month, Keylane Playground arranges fun activities, putting aside work for a while to enjoy some time with colleagues.

This month, Pub Quiz! Our biggest and most successful yet.

FaaS: Fun as a Service

Our most recent pub quiz was a wild success, with over a hundred Keylaners participating, putting their smarts together to reign supreme as quiz masters! No less than twenty teams went head-to-head to settle an age old debate — which Keylane team is the ultimate’ smarty-pants’?

Quiz masters Erik and Rob kept braincells working overtime, firing off some devilishly tricky questions — Which world leader introduced the concept of the leap year? What toy manufacturer brought the first Barbie doll to market in 1959? And what exactly does the GPT in ChatGPT stand for? Tough, tough questions…

Smiling Keylaners preparing for a pub quiz.

BaaS: Bar as a Service

The pub quiz was hosted in our canteen area, which has an adjacent bar (BaaS) built especially for Keylaners. A few nights of the week we unwind together over a cold drink and a board game. One of the great benefits of events like the Pub Quiz is that it gives Keylaners a chance to meet colleagues they might not always interact with, putting a face to the name and helping to build new connections.

Two Keylaners huddle together to work out the answer to a quiz question.

Up next for Keylane Playground

Are you curious to get a feel for the Keylane vibe? Maybe you want to ask us some questions about a career at Keylane, or just simply join us for a cold drink and a chat?

Following the pub quiz, our next playground event will be the NN Rotterdam Marathon on April 14th. You can find us at our hub in Amigo. It would be great to have some additional hands to clap our marathon runners on, so fee free to join us!

Three Keylane employees complete the Rotterdam marathon.

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