International Thank You Day Celebrated by Keylane

The simple act of expressing gratitude is often overlooked in our fast paced world, and from time to time we all fall into the trap of taking our colleagues for granted and forgetting that in life, it is the simple things that matter the most. That’s why, on January 11th, Keylane celebrated International Thank You Day.

International Thank You Day Compliments Keylane’s Core Values

2024 is the first year we’ve celebrated International Thank You Day at Keylane, but it certainly won’t be the last! The spirit of the celebration perfectly aligns with Keylane’s core value ‘Cooperative’, which encourages all Keylaners to foster a working environment built around the spirit of honest and open collaboration and cooperation.

An Invitation to be Thankful

Throughout our offices we placed special Keylane cards that invited Keylaners to leave personal and heartfelt messages of gratitude and appreciation for their esteemed colleagues. Once filled in, these cards were delivered to their intended recipients, and the full joy of International Thank You Day was felt by all.

The Spirit of International Thank You Day is Every Day at Keylane

Starting the year off by showing gratitude to each other helps us to create a workplace where people not only feel appreciated, but also know the value they bring to Keylane is felt by their colleagues and peers. This fosters an environment of pride and excellence, which encourages a genuine desire to deliver the best possible solutions.

Going forward, we are committed to ensuring the spirit of International Thank You Day is present at Keylane every day, and are excited to share the gratitude with new and familiar colleagues throughout 2024!

Keylaners exchange notes of gratitude for International Thank You Day

Come join us and share the gratitude of International Thank You Day!

If you’re interested in joining Keylane, we’d love to hear from you. We have an open, diverse and inclusive culture that celebrates and appreciates many special days and events beyond International Thank You Day. Just as importantly, we aspire to make Keylane not just a good place to work, but a great place to work.

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