Innovation through Open Space Events

At Keylane we strongly believes in the value of cross-departmental knowledge sharing, and we encourage all Keylaners to have a voice and to be heard.

We drive innovation by nurturing thought leadership

Our individual and unique skills, viewpoints and opinions enable us to see a bigger picture encompassing feedback and insight from all corners of our business. And one way in which we do this is through an initiative we call Open Space Events…

Keylane’s Open Space Events drive innovation

Keylane’s Open Space Events are designed to provide a safe environment for idea generation, which in turn boosts our collective problem solving skills and brings us closer together. During our Open Space Events, various brainstorm sessions take place, with a focus on the most relevant and challenging topics facing the Insurance industry as a whole.

Keylaners can choose from several pressing topics where they feel they have something to add, and which could lead to better solutions. By combining our collective brainpower in this way, we often find that surprising and well-considered ideas are generated which we can further explored as viable solutions to tricky problems.

Would you like to know more about Keylane’s Open Space Events? We’ve got you covered! In the following video, our colleagues Dennis, Lianne and Rob go into further detail about the value that Keylane’s Open Space Events brings to our organisation.


“Innovation through co-creation”

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As the leading European supplier of robust, highly configurable and customer-centric SaaS platforms to the insurance and pension industry, Keylane offers solutions that optimise today’s business processes, unburdens our clients and empowers them to be future-fit and agile. With a proven track record in successful implementations, our dedicated experts, supported by capable partners, work to deliver an ecosystem of emerging technologies that enables our clients to deliver innovative services and products.

Our knowledge and experience spans a diverse collective of IT professionals, industry enthusiasts, trusted partners and creative developers who share our mission to develop solutions that empower insurance and pension providers to transform through technology.

Nurturing customer partnerships and building trust is key to developing thriving relationships backed by state-of-the-art technology, and it is the heart of everything we do at Keylane. Do these values resonate with you? Are you looking for a challenging but rewarding career in a dynamic software company? Check out our open vacancies and find your perfect career at Keylane today.

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