Keylaners saddled up for Bike to Work Day/Month

As May comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to reflect on our Bike to Work initiative to encourage sustainability.

Throughout the month, we challenged Keylaners to cycle to work instead of driving, in support of Bike to Work Day in The Netherlands, and Bike to Work month in Denmark.

Keylane's bike garage filled with bikes.

What is Bike to Work Day/Month?

Around the world, and generally in the month of May, various Bike to Work initiatives are launched to promote a healthier and safer way to travel to work and to raise awareness to sustainability. Not only is cycling good for all of us, it’s also good for the environment and encourages us all to think more deeply about not only our individual health, but the health of our planet. You can read more about the various Bike to Work initiatives here.

Going the distance

On the 25th of May, many of our Dutch Keylaners teamed up to cycle to work – and it certainly helps that Keylane has an active group of cycling enthusiasts who need little motivation to ditch the car and saddle up for a long distance commute.

Keylane’s Team North (Hoorn-Amsterdam-Utrecht) and Team West (Leiden-Leidsche-Rijn-Utrecht) trail-blazed through the initiative, but they were not the only riders… Colleagues from all over our offices took it upon themselves to grease their bike chains, pump their tires and mount their steel steads in place of getting behind a steering wheel. Suffice to day, we were thrilled to see so many Keylaners participate in the campaign, whether it was for a day, a week, or even the entire month. A ll participants had a chance to exercise, improve their mental health, and help promote a more sustainable future.

Bicycles stores in the Keylane office

Bike to work gets the juices flowing!

In honor of our Bike to Work Keylaners, we arranged a special surprise at our Copenhagen, Utrecht and Rotterdam office — The Shake Bike! The shake bike is a static-bike fitted with a blender on the front. By pedaling, riders generate the necessary energy to blend the fruits and vegetables into the perfect smoothie. Yum!

A Keylaner rides the shake bike.

Keylane’s commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future

Our commitment to creating a more sustainable future doesn’t end in May. Throughout the year we organise cycling events, expert talks and many other fun and engaging initiatives that promote both health and sustainability, encouraging our Keylaners to think about how they can help Keylane be more sustainable today, tomorrow and in the future.

A big thanks to our riders for joining us in this effort to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

Ride on, Keylaners!

A Keylane recruiter rides the shake bike.

Come join us and create your own Keylane activities

If you’re interested in joining Keylane, we’d love to hear from you. We have an open, diverse and inclusive culture, and we aspire to make Keylane not just a good place to work, but a great place to work. So why not join us and create your own Keylane activities? Check out our career page and find your dream job today or drop one of our recruiters a message. For more information about Keylane, our customers and business partners, visit our corporate site.