People Stories: Thomas

Implementation Consultant

Thomas, a specialist in technical & functional design, serves Keylane’s Belgium and Norwegian customers and enjoys the diversity of his implementation consultant role.

When not helping drive good design and successful implementations, Thomas enjoys the social aspect of his job – advising our customers. And, thanks to Keylane’s supportive, healthy and open culture, Thomas feels he’s driven to deliver his absolute best for our customers.


I’d recommend Keylane because it has a very good culture. A culture of supportiveness.

Interview transcript

Hi, i’m Thomas van Bilderbeek and I am an implementation consultant for Keylane who specialises in both technical and functional design, and I do this mostly for the Belgium and Norwegian market.

What do you most enjoy about your role as Implementation Consultant?

As a consultant there is such a nice spread of activities, so on the one hand I get to help with the design and the implementation of our software and I often compare that feeling to when you were a kid trying to build a lego set. It has the same kind of feeling, that sense of accomplishment when you are finally able to create something from scratch, and there is also the social aspect of my job where I get to advise my customers on functional and technical issues, so I think both the more in-depth work related stuff and just the advisory parts a really nice balance, and it keeps my work entertaining.

Why would you recommend Keylane to a potential applicant?

On a work related level I think Keylane is very challenging, and I think that if you do well in Keylane, it sets you up well for any other industries you might work in in the future. But, most importantly, I’d recommend Keylane because it has a very good culture. A culture of supportiveness.

There is a lot of social activities organised throughout the year, and that keeps it fun and you notice that Keylane is more than just a workplace. It’s a place where you can meet potential friends for life.

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