Keylane introduces ‘Inclusion days’ in place of fixed holidays

Inclusion matters to Keylane, and we are proud to announce that we are making an important step toward meeting our inclusion goals by modernising and changing one of our labour conditions.

We will exchange “fixed” national Holidays for seven Inclusion days per year, effective per the 1st January 2023. This means it is no longer mandatory to take days off on national holidays. These days can instead be taken whenever a Keylaner wishes to take them.

An inclusive workforce

​A flexible holiday policy that recognises diversity

Keylane is made up of a diverse pool of employees, and as such this flexible holiday policy better serves our different needs, wants and cultural differences and expectations; all of which helps create a better working environment where everyone feels included, understood and respected. But this is not just about cultural differences; it serves diversity in the broadest sense by demonstrating our unwavering commitment toward creating and nurturing an inclusive Keylane culture for all.

Our growth drives diversity

Keylane’s international character and reputation continues to grow. We presently have offices in Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Next to these offices, we are expanding in India and thus continue to welcome new Indian Keylaners.

Inevitably, with such international growth, our employee population becomes a melting pot of various cultures. This diverse population is not just seen in offices outside of The Netherlands – our Dutch offices and business operations are likewise increasingly diverse in terms of employee nationalities. Almost all our Dutch teams are multicultural teams, and English is our main language for communication and business documentation.

Keylane is for everyone

Building a more inclusive and diverse Keylane, and recognising our different needs, beliefs and expectations helps to make Keylane not only a great place to work, but a better company too. Now more than ever, nurturing inclusion and creating a healthy environment that welcomes diversity matters.

Keylane is proud of the steps it is making toward driving a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and we will continue to learn and listen to all Keylaners as we push forward initiatives that will create the optimal working environments for all of us, because It is our differences that make us stronger, and together we work hard to create and encourage a community built upon trust, openness and knowledge sharing.

Will you join us?

As a company that builds long-term partnerships built on trust and fuelled by innovation, we are continually looking for talented new Keylaners to join our company in serving our customers with state-of-the-art functionality and excellent customer support.

Are you looking for the next challenge in your career? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our open vacancies or reach out to one of our recruiters directly.