People Stories: Tanya

DevOps IT Consultant

Tanya’s love of bug fixing and puzzle solving coupled with her natural passion for serving customers with the best support and solutions has resulted in a diverse Keylane career path which will now see her return to the role of DevOps consultant, where she will once again work closely with our customers to help them get the absolute best out of our Axon platform. Watch the interview or read the full transcript below.

What I really like about being a DevOps IT consultant is that you work a lot with the customer

Interview transcript

My Name is Tanya, I’ve worked at Keylane for around five years now, and I’ll be moving back to DevOps as a consultant from the 1st of December, so I’m going back to the clients!

What do you most enjoy about your role as DevOps Consultant?

So, what I really like about being a DevOps consultant is, you work a lot with the customer. The customer comes with you with issues or something that they want to realise, and you’re going to figure out how to realise that with the application that we have – Axon, but also with their systems.

On the other hand, I just love the bug fixing. Like there’s something not right, what is not right and you dive into it and it’s sort of a puzzle to figure out and you do it together with the client, but also together with your team, with software developers, or yeah, other colleagues who might have more knowledge about the subject… and you really dive into it.

And then finding that issue is really the fun stuff. Then it feels really good to have helped the customer.

I really like helping the customer get more out of it, become better with our systems, actually taking it further than they imagined themselves and, you know, really putting them on a higher skill. That’s something I really enjoy. So that’s why I’m going back to the role of DevOps Consultant.

What attracted you to a career at Keylane?

Looking into Keylane there are so many options. I started as an IT consultant, then I moved into pre sales and then I moved to marketing and now I’m going back to the delivery department (DevOps Consultant).

So when you say you want to try something out or you want to grow or you have certain skills that you feel are being unused, people are really open to think along with you and see what kind of options there are for you to grow. And that’s something I really, really like about Keylane.

Like they really made me grow. And you can adapt it in your way of life as well. I mean, I became a mom eventually, so my priorities have changed and they are changing with me. So, I think that’s a big plus with Keylane. Also I just love the vibe. The culture is amazing. People really want to put something down. Of course, we want to have a good product. We want to be proud of our product. And so there’s a lot of corporation, but also, high standards going on.

So it’s a go for the high thing, but also in a good and fun way. That’s the vibe I really like actually, and why I like Keylane and working here.

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