People Stories: Daniël

Delivery Manager

Daniël continues to grow his Keylane career, and currently works as a Delivery Manager when not moonlighting as a thought leader. We caught up with him for an interview at our bar – BaaS (bar as a service). Watch now and discover why Keylane’s the right place for your next career move (full transcript below).

Everyone here is really open and willing to help one another succeed

Interview transcript

Hello, my name is Daniël. I’m Dutch and I am a delivery manager for Keylane in Norway and in Belgium.

What attracted you to a career at Keylane?

Well, I will be honest, I wasn’t so sure about working in the insurance industry before I started at Keylane, but the moment I stepped into the office I was made to feel very welcome, and the people were open and nice, and the job really spoke to me as every day was a complex puzzle to solve.

So, I thought OK, let’s take the opportunity to see. OK, where will this go? And yeah, in the end I’m really liking it here. I’ve been working now for six years for Keylane and have been working in various positions from consultant to team lead and currently in a delivery management position.

What do you most in enjoy in your role as Delivery Manager?

As delivery manager, your role is very diverse, so you can discuss with customers on quite a strategic level. Where are you going next? How can Keylane help you in your business requirements? How can we help you be prepared and be fit for the future. But on the other hand, you are also the one that can help out with your team members to make them set the next step to grow and to give them advice on what they can do. So, to be honest, I think it’s a perfect job where you have the best of both worlds, where you can help customers make strategic decisions and help them in reaching their goals and, on the other hand be really a people person and connect with people and get the best out of them. So that’s really why I go to work every day with a smile on my face.

Why would you recommend Keylane to potential applicants?

OK, so why I would recommend you work for Keylane is, well… first of all we have a nice bar, today it’s with water, but usually on Thursdays and Fridays is with our amazing colleagues where we can have all sorts of drinks here at the BaaS – the bar as a service. And this brings me to the second point – so, we have very nice colleagues, so it’s not only that you can have a good drink with one another, but it’s also if you have any questions or any issue at work, you can always discuss with one another what would be the right way to solve this. “Could you help me out?” And everyone here is really open and willing to help out one another to succeed. So that’s the second thing. And the third thing for me is very important, is also that if you have career wishes, ambition and you want to grow, Keylane offers you all the possibilities to make the next step in your career.

For myself, I started as a consultant and now I’m a delivery manager. If you want something, then a lot is possible within Keylane. So yeah, I would say three very good reasons to apply now to become one of my colleagues!

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