Hockey with Keylane: Game On!

Let’s play hockey! Whether in the office or on the pitch, we know what it takes to deliver meaningful results. Each of us has our own unique skillset, and when we combine our individual talents to realise a shared goal, we can achieve anything.

Hockey with Keylane

Several times a year Keylaners combine their skills and take their game faces to the hockey pitch. And all are welcome to participate! The matches take place in beautiful Utrecht, which is also the home of our office headquarters – and we carry the same energy and excitement onto the pitch as we do when we work with our customers and business partners.

Positioning is crucial to success (in hockey and at work)

Playing to your strengths in combination with a team brings out the best in all of us. Alone, we can only achieve so much. Together, we can achieve anything we set our minds too. At Keylane, we are devout team players who always share our successes with each other. You can see our core values of Expert, Eager and Cooperative at work when we play on the pitch and when we work together for our customers and business partners.

Are you a team player who relates to our core values? Are you looking to join a company that respects and appreciates your individuality and wants to see you be your best? If so, check out our career page and find your dream job at Keylane today. We’re waiting to hear from you!

And before you leave to find your Keylane dream job, why not check out our Keylane hockey players in action in the below video? Sticks to the sky, folks! Let’s play…