Terms of employment

We keep our clients happy with our software, but at Keylane we think it is equally important to keep our people satisfied. Besides providing challenging assignments within complex projects, we offer everyone excellent terms of employment.

We believe employees are the force behind Keylane. That’s why we take care of our co-workers by providing excellent terms of employment.

Good salary

The basis consists of a good salary, 8% vacation pay and a laptop. Keylane also pays for all work-related travel and offers a lease car for employees who visit clients on a regular basis. Everyone receives a net compensation for unforeseen and/or incidental costs.

Great pension schemes

We also offer great pension schemes and 24 days of paid vacation leave. It is also possible to join our collective health insurance.


Besides all standard terms of employment we offer our employees a large amount of flexibility. Work starts between 7:30 and 9:30 am and working part-time is negotiable. At our offices we provide everyone with an excellent workspace, but working from home is also an option.


Keylane employees are the source of our successes; therefore we like to praise them with bonuses. Every employee receives part of the net profit and if you have been working for us for over three years, you get a loyalty bonus that can add up to a months’ salary.

Pleasant working environment

Last but not least we are very keen on providing a pleasant working environment for our people. Equally important as work itself is being able to relax with coworkers. You will find entertainment areas and cafeterias at every Keylane office. Having a drink with your colleagues is a weekly event and parties are hosted on a regular basis.

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