Career Opportunities

Do you have ambition to improve yourself as you work? We will gladly help you reach your goals. Together we will make sure your wishes, ambitions and qualities will be met. With a vast number of courses and training available we can facilitate your personal growth.

At Keylane we offer you every opportunity to reach your personal goals. Will you grow with us?


Within Keylane we have three distinctive career paths:

  • Technical path: you might start out as a software-engineer and grow out to be a senior software-engineer or a software architect.
  • Functional path: functionality of our software is what you are interested in. Starting as a consultant you will develop towards functional design or senior consultancy.
  • Management path: combining a technical or functional path you might want to move towards becoming a team leader. After this you can grow out to become a project manager.

Within every path there’s a choice:

do you want responsibilities or rather require in-depth information on technical aspects of the job. It is also possible to combine several paths or take on different roles within your function.

Courses and coaching

To make sure everyone is able to reach their goals, we offer our employees a large number of courses to choose from.

Every new colleague starts in our introductory course. This consists of several meetings and basic training courses, designed to give you a kick start in your career. The first courses will focus primarily on getting to know Keylane as an organization. You will learn about working in projects, what our vision on the future is and about career options. Depending on the chosen path, you will also attend a number of intermediate courses that focus on the techniques required to start your new job.

Besides the official introduction you will also be assigned a mentor, a people manager and a coach. Your mentor will be your primary contact during the first few weeks of employment. Together with your people manager you will set up a plan for your future development and plan appointments for your performance reviews. There are several coaches available within the organization. Planning an appointment with one of the coaches can be done per request.

You will have the choice between over 50 courses

After the mandatory introductory courses, you will have the choice between over 50 courses to keep your knowledge up to date or to develop yourself in new areas of expertise. For highly ambitious young professionals we host a talent academy which provides the chance to boost your career within Keylane.

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