At Keylane we have many opportunities for freshly graduated students or students who are still in the process of finishing their higher education.

Start your career at Keylane in an exciting job as software-engineer or consultant and contribute to big projects from day one!

After graduating

You can start out as a consultant or software-engineer. You don’t have to enroll in a traineeship to get to the interesting projects, we will fully guide and support you so you’re up and running within no time.

Are you looking for more information? Our recruitment team is ready to answer any questions you might have regarding employment at Keylane. They can be reached through the contact information on this website or can be met in person during university recruitment events. If you want to get to know our organization in an informal way, you are very welcome to join us for lunch any day of the work week!

Can’t wait to apply?

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During college

We would love to get to know you! You can apply for our inhouse day, lunch with us or put theory into practice in one of our student jobs.

Twice a year we organize an inhouse day. This day is meant for students who are currently in their last year of college and who might be interested in a career as a consultant or software-engineer at Keylane. During the inhouse day you will experience first-hand what it is like to work on a project at Keylane. Of course there’s a great price for the winning team!

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Student jobs

At Keylane we are constantly looking for the best software-engineers. If you have the ambition to become one of the best software-engineers and you want to start actual programming during university, you can come prove yourself at Keylane! We offer student jobs for junior software-engineers. We require for you to be available for a minimum of 16 hours a week and you will get to work on an actual project. A student job is a great kick start for your career and will improve your chances of landing a full-time job at Keylane!

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