Got some burning questions about working at Keylane, our application process or career opportunities? Read the FAQ’s below!

Any other questions? Please send an e-mail to careers@keylane.com.

Keylane offers many opportunities for those who just finished university or college. First off, you will attend an onboarding process including many introductory courses on Keylane and Insurance. After that, there is an unlimited budget to keep learning and we host a lot of internal activities to share your knowledge. Of course we don’t forget about fun either; on our Keylane Playground you will find tons of activities to do with colleagues (from triathlons to drawing courses) and we have parties and drinks together very often.

Keylane offers a lot of interesting opportunities to professionals. We have over 90 national and international customers, resulting in lots of projects. With your experience in insurance, consultancy or architecture, you are able to make a solid contribution to the further success of Keylane. Due to the nature of our organisation you will be provided high responsibility and autonomy right away. Besides working you will also have full access to our Keylane Academy, our Expert Talks and the Keylane Playground.

Expert, Cooperative & Eager. Why? Because at Keylane we never show up at a customer unprepared, we never send our juniors out on our own, we never check-in code without a review and we never deliver software without thoroughly testing it. We want to be experts in our field, and our customers rely on us for that! We strive to be the best and we do so by working together. The average Keylaner has high ambitions and is eager to contribute to the joint purpose of Keylane: to become European Market Leader in Insurance & Pension Software.
At Keylane, we find it important to invest in our employees. You spend almost 25% of your week in the office, so it better be worth while! Besides always looking for the best fit between employees and projects, we also focus on our five people values:

1: Mastery
2: Autonomy
3: Purpose
4: Belonging
5: Social & Fun

This means all our employees have access to the Keylane Academy and unlimited budget to spend on learning & development to work on their mastery. We also share our knowledge and broaden our knowledge by organising Expert Talks, both with internal and external speakers.
Autonomy is very important within Keylane. Our employees are mostly highly educated professionals, who are able to take responsibility and make their own decisions. Therefore, we let you!
As far as purpose goes, we have a joint goal, which is to become market leader in Europe. All Keylaners work together to achieve this goal. We all work hard and overcome boundaries when taking on new projects and exploring new international territory.
To reward our employees, we compensate them with fun and social activities, such as big summer parties, holiday parties, weekly drinks, team trips and our Keylane Playground, where all employees can share their hobbies and interest. This goes from board games to triathlons and drawing courses to playing squash.

There are several options. Keylane now has offices all over Europe and employees often travel between countries for customer presentations, knowledge sharing and support. Sometimes we even have (temporary) relocation opportunities available. These will always be communicated through your project manager and travelling is never mandatory.
Absolutely, Keylane is an international brand and we welcome everyone with an EU passport! We require all of our staff to speak English on a professional level. For some roles, however, due to the nature of the job, it is also mandatory to speak Dutch fluently. This is specified in the vacancies.
Yes, at Keylane you can start your working day between 7.30h and 9.30h.
It is possible to work part time at Keylane. For most roles it is possible to opt for a 32 or 36 hour contract. For some roles it is possible to work 16-24 hours a week. Contact recruitment to verify the possibilities for the role of your interest.
The application process at Keylane consists of four steps:

  1. An assessment
  2. 1st interview
  3. 2nd interview
  4. pre-employment screening

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact the recruitment department!

Yes, we do. If you have a valid EU passport and are interested to work for us as a developer and successfully complete our recruitment process, we will compensate you for your relocation costs. We offer the following in our relocation package:

  • Relocation budget (for flights and moving house)
  • Help with applying for a bank account, a personal number and the 30% rule
  • A Dutch language course
  • Support with finding a suitable apartment or house.