About us

At Keylane we share our ambition to be a leading player within the international insurance and pension market. Because IT is becoming of increasing strategic importance, service excellence is our uppermost motive; with our clients in mind we strive for meaningful service provision, efficient implementation and optimum cost savings. This placing our clients in an even better position to canvass and retain new clients.

Keylane offers successful solutions to insurers and pension institutions.


The Keylane software solution is widely used both nationally and internationally. Many insurers and pension institutions have already successfully implemented our software. It’s the simplicity that makes our solution successful.

Keylane originated in 2014 after four software companies decided to combine their strengths and merge their software solutions into one product. Keylane delivers software to most insurance and pension companies in the Netherlands and in 2015 we opened our first international office in Stockholm, Sweden. We are currently offering our solution in every Nordic country as well as Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Think insurance,
act solutions.